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  1. The Facebook effect: MySpace to open up - 2007-06-29 08:27:59-04
    The Financial Times is reporting that MySpace may soon open itself up to third-party developers -- in a similar strategy to Facebook -- which would see outside companies able to "plug" their web services into the number one social networking site. This is of course in direct response to the huge success of Facebook's recently revamped developer platform which has seen hundreds of companies set up shop on the site. What's most interesting about such a response is that we are now moving into an era where the top networks are using their perceived "openness" as a way of competing -- and in MySpace's case, staying on top. But rather than focusing on opening up as the end game, it's...
  2. Dual-core desktops as cheap as iPhones - 2007-06-29 08:33:29-04
    Dual core desktops are getting cheaper and cheaper. Gateway, today, unveiled a new eMachines lineup that offers a dual-core eMachines T5230 Desktop PC for $449 after a mail-in rebate of $50. The machine comes with Advanced Micro Devices' Athlon 64 X2 4400+, a dual-core 2.3GHz processor. It's also got 1GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive a multi-format DVD burner and a memory card reader. That's a lot of computer for relatively little money. It does not include a display, but it beats Dell's offering sold, via Wal-Mart, by $50. These days, however, many consumers are opting to spend $100 or $200 more to buy a notebook instead of an inexpensive desktop. That's just one more reason the desktop business...
  3. Where for at thou, Barcelona? - 2007-06-29 08:58:32-04
    June is nearly over and it's appearing more and more like Advanced Micro Devices will not deliver its much anticipated (both in this blog and elsewhere) quad-core Barcelona chip this month. Several sites are now reporting a September launch date. TGDaily, for one, is reporting a September launch date. Here's the link. That, by all accounts, is a later launch than AMD would have liked. The chipmaker had been targeting a mid-year introduction, which most believed meant it would come in June. I think customers would rather have AMD deliver Barcelona in significant quantities and at sufficient clock speeds than to simply launch it, say it's on time, and make them wait for processors. Depending on when AMD actually begins...
  4. Exchange Server Rollup 3: An IMAP fix for the iPhone? - 2007-06-29 09:00:14-04
    Microsoft rolled out on June 28 the third rollup of fixes for Exchange Server 2007, a product introduced in December 2006. According to a Microsoft Knowledge Base article on Rollup 3, Microsoft has fixed a number of Exchange issues, including: The addition of an integer to the end of the legacyExchangeDN attribute of a newly created mailbox in Exchange 2007 Failure to display an attachment when using Outlook 2003 to open an e-mail message that contains an attachment Display of an error message when a user tries to open a forwarded message to accept or to deny a resource request in Exchange Server 2007: "Cannot open the free/busy information" eWEEK is reporting that the new Exchange Server 2007 Rollup 3...
  5. Eclipse delivers biggest update yet - 2007-06-29 09:29:49-04
    As important as operating systems and applications may be, the real key to software innovation lies in building better tools. Open source toolmaking is in the hands of the Eclipse Foundation, which has now delivered its biggest release yet, dubbed Europa. Some 21 projects were updated, with 17 million lines of code, and 25 organizations in 19 countries contributing. It's easy to minimize the importance of this. Eclipse has regular annual update cycles, which go off like clockwork each year, at the end of June. The updates are named for the moons of Jupiter, so planning is already underway for next year's Ganymede release. Some of the largest software organizations in the world, including IBM and BEA Systems, now depend on...
  6. Microsoft readies a consumer healthcare platform - 2007-06-29 09:47:14-04
    Microsoft has made no secret about the fact it has designs on being a healthcare-IT contender. But what the company has kept under wraps, at least until now, was what it planned to do on the consumer side of the healthcare space. Sure, there've been hints here and there that Microsoft was readying some kind of "Windows Live Healthcare" offering. And it's not a huge surprise that Microsoft would be considering some kind of consumer-facing offering, given that Microsoft rival Google and AOL Founder Steve Case's Revolution Health are rushing headlong into the patient-information world. Microsoft is, indeed, readying a consumer healthcare platform, confirmed Steve Shihadeh, General Manager for Sales, Marketing and Solutions with Microsoft's Health Solutions Group. "We are...
  7. updated, new Finger Tip video added - 2007-06-29 10:00:53-04
    Apple this morning updated the front page of with a giant iPhone group picture and removed the Hot News area and the small tiles from the bottom of the page. The image clicks through to, where else, the iPhone product page. On the iPhone page Apple has added a new video called Finger Tips. The new video features a number of practical iPhone usage tips: Silence the ring Delete a message Create your favorites list Assign a ringtone More song controls Browse in Cover Flow Magnify to edit Mail preferences Set a passcode Reset your iPhone
  8. Time to get off Red Hat's case? - 2007-06-29 10:19:58-04
    Red Hat is a company that is easy to dislike. Maybe it's the relationship with IBM. Maybe it's the way they absorbed JBOSS. Maybe it's CEO Matthew Szulik, or the proprietary way in which the company operates. Maybe it's because they're based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and don't schmooze the Silicon Valley press corps, which has something in common with that of Washington, D.C. Whatever, I think it's time we got off Red Hat's case. The company delivered another solid quarter yesterday, helped out by channel partners and bigger JBOSS subscription sales.   The company probably goosed those JBOSS sales further with its acquisition of MetaMatrix, which specializes in metadata and data services. That sale closed this week. Red Hat is...
  9. iTunes 7.3 released, required for iPhone activation - 2007-06-29 11:42:41-04
    Apple just released iTunes 7.3 (34MB) which is required to activate iPhone service: With iTunes 7.3, you can now activate iPhone service and sync it with your music, TV shows, movies and more. Also, you can now wirelessly share and enjoy your favorite digital photos from any computer in your home with Apple TV. Early-adopters should note that iPhone also requires Mac OS 10.4.10. Now might be a good time to back up your hard drive, repair disk permissions and install that bad boy.
  10. TippingPoint heading for IPO door - 2007-06-29 12:00:51-04
    Less than three years after shelling out $430 million to acquire TippingPoint, 3Com plans to spin out the unit in a planned IPO later this year. The IPO plan, according to 3Com chief executive Edgar Masri, allows the networking vendor to "focus more closely on its core business." 3Com intends to remain a majority TippingPoint shareholder following the IPO and plans to reduce its ownership over time in subsequent transactions. 3Com will consolidate TippingPoint results in its quarterly and annual financial reports in accordance with GAAP for the foreseeable future. A successful TippingPoint IPO would confirm the end of a three-year drought among security start-ups looking to the public markets as an exit strategy. Earlier this year, Sourcefire raised $75...
  11. Working Assets calls for iPhone boycott (updated) - 2007-06-29 12:06:55-04
    There was bound to be a backlash at some point. The AT&T bashing has begun: Working Assets is calling for a boycott of the iPhone. The locking of all iPhones to AT&T is unnecessary, and Working Assets has specific issues with AT&T -- including their stand on net neutrality, their warrantless wiretapping, and their handing over of customer records to the NSA. They say Apple is locking iPhone users into a service contract with 'a corporation whose practices seem to run counter to everything Apple stands for... From Boing Boing: Handset locking sucks, and AT&T sucks more: These people are criminal traitors who helped wiretap the nation, neutricidal maniacs bent on wrecking the Internet, and convicted monopolists besides. also...
  12. People as an AI computing tool - 2007-06-29 12:21:18-04
    The tagging phenomenon started about 3 years ago, with people putting labels on their posts in their blogs or on their pictures or videos. Now, a researcher from the University of Southern California (USC) has discovered the newest AI computing tool: people. Computer scientist Kristina Lerman thinks that 'she has found a new source of artificial intelligence computing power to solve difficult IT problems of information classification, reliability, and meaning.' For example, 'by extracting the tags that Flickr users had described the images with, and applyng a mathematical technique called the "Expectation-maximization (EM) algorithm,' she found it's possible to quite accurately separate pictures of insects from pictures of cars returned by the "beetle" search. So can we expect better search...
  13. iPhone invades the cell phone market - 2007-06-29 12:32:44-04
    I'm going nowhere near my closest Apple store today, which is only a few blocks away from where I live in Hollywood. All evidence would suggest that the store will be an absolute madhouse. This is a shame, as I've been dying to take one of the devices for a spin (though not buy...I would have trouble justifying the expense given the other technology toys I'd like to buy). I've been waiting for a full-screen phone ever since I worked at Orange Communications in Switzerland. Back then, SMS was the pinnacle of cell phone technology, though WAP was supposed to change all that and bring "the web" to cell phones. What a joke. WAP is to the web what the...
  14. Blue Pill hacker challenge update: It's a no-go - 2007-06-29 12:58:44-04
    A quick update to the challenge handed down to hacker Joanna Rutkowska to prove that her Blue Pill technology creates "100% undetectable malware." Rutkowska says she is "ready to accept" the challenge but wants her two-person team to be paid $384,000 ($200 a day each for two people working full-time for six months), a demand that has dashed all hopes for a hacker face off at Black Hat this year. Rutkowska's response, detailed in a blog entry, sets the following ground rules: The challengers cannot intentionally crash or halt the machine during detection scanning. The detection software cannot consume more than 90% of the CPU for more than a second. Instead of two laptops, she wants to use five laptops...
  15. Linus contradicts OpenBSD founder on Intel TLB issue - 2007-06-29 13:08:16-04
    OpenBSD founder Theo de Raadt has been making a lot of noise over a change in Intel's current generation Core 2 microprocessor goes as far to claim that this will lead to serious security flaws. Linus Torvalds by contrast has given a completely opposite view of the situation while other CPU analysts like David Kanter agrees that this is essentially "a mountain being made out of a mole hill". While Theo de Raadt characterizes as a serious flaw in the CPU that will "will *ASSUREDLY* be exploitable from userland code", David Kanter says that this technically isn't even a bug.This can't even be considered a bug because software developers were taking advantage of an undocumented behavior of the TLB in...
  16. 'Worthy of the hype' was the wrong iQuestion to answer. iPhone 2.0 will likely be worth the wait - 2007-06-29 13:29:22-04
    Maybe I need to go back on the same iMeds that everyone else appears to be on. Without laying my hands on an iPhone, my sense is that the early reviews are for the most part iNuts. In fact, it's almost surreal how all of them seem to answer the very basic question of whether the handset actually lives up to the hype that preceded it: The NYT's David Pogue: The iPhone Matches Most of its Hype USA Today's Ed Baig: Apple's iPhone isn't perfect, but it's worthy of the Hype Steven Levy, Newsweek: …one of the most hyped consumer products ever comes pretty close to justifying the bombast. On balance, Pogue, Baig, Levy and Mossberg (the last of which...
  17. The iPhone Missing Manual preview offers a few tips and tricks - 2007-06-29 13:44:42-04
    I made it through the night with about an hours sleep in the rain under an umbrella as I wait in position 1 at my local AT&T store. I have been assembling a list of things to check out, downloaded and installed iTunes 7.3, and have played games (primarily UNO) and chatted with my two daughters over the last 17 hours. We only have just over 7 more hours to buy the iPhone and I just received an email linking to some cool tips and tricks from David Pogue. The iPhone Missing Manual Sneak Preview gives you plenty to think about as you plan to use your new iPhone. If you are waiting in line and have an internet...
  18. MonkCast #7: GPLv3 Day is here, Web APIs (good for business?) & nary an iPhone mention - 2007-06-29 13:55:12-04
    OK, so the iPhone was mentioned twice, but in very fleeting moments without any substance whatsoever (it could just have well not been mentioned at all and this week's MonkCast would have been no different).  It was refreshing to talk about industry events other than the iPhone and today's MonkCast was largely dominated by discussions of version 3 of the GNU General Public License. Today is apparently GPLv3 day: the day that the license is officially put into product. The new GPL was written to improve on it's predecessor but the process of drafting it has not been without controversy.  In today's MonkCast, Redmonk principal analyst and co-founder Stephen O'Grady talks about the new GPL, how Novell has managed to...
  19. Shopping for iPhone today? Send me your stories - 2007-06-29 14:38:41-04
    You can send me your stories as Comments to this post. Really would like to know: If you happen to visit an AT&T Wireless or Apple retail store today, or even attempt to order an iPhone online, I'd like to hear how it went for you. Was the store jammed? What about the lines outside the store? Inside the store, was the atmosphere orderly, chaotic, or some of both? Were the salespeople helpful and knowledgeable? What questions did you ask, and how did they answer them? Did the salesperson try to push upgrades on you? Did they listen to you, rather than just recite from a script? If you've ordered online, did the order go smoothly or did the...
  20. A free Cardo Scala 700LX Bluetooth headset goes to the ZDNet's 12 Deputy Tester - 2007-06-29 15:25:18-04
    It's Friday and you know what means; it's time to pick another ZDNet Deputy Tester of the Week. Our 12th one as a matter of fact. Earlier this week, I issued a clarion call for applications from people wanting to review Cardo's Scala 700LX Bluetooth headset (worth about $65) and ZDNet's readers responded in force. It's pictured to the left and, compared to other headsets on the market, the 700Lx has some unique features (or at least a package of unique features): It can keep track of multiple pairings so you can switch to other phones or bluetooth devices without having to re-pair the device (and delete the other pairings); a cool feature that I wish some of my other...

SEMPO Institute Adds Advanced Search Advertising Course

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  1. SEMPO Institute Adds Advanced Search Advertising Course - 2007-06-27 12:53:57-04

    SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, has added another advanced course to its SEMPO Institute initiative. Joining the Fundamentals of Search Marketing and Advanced SEO courses is an Advanced Search Advertising course.

    "Advanced Search Advertising gives marketers the ability to get more return on their ad buys by providing them with a deeper level of strategy as well as hands-on tactics they can implement," SEMPO President Jeffrey Pruitt said in a statement.

    The 14-lesson course covers PPC models, keywords & campaigns, copywriting for ads, bidding & ranking, landing pages, success metrics, PPC program specifics, reporting & analytics, click fraud, alternative PPC search engines and feeds & feed advertising.

    All courses are available online, and students can complete lessons at their own pace. Students are tested and graded on each lesson, and must pass all lessons with a passing grade to receive a certificate of completion.

  2. Search Enging Marketing Council - 2007-06-27 13:24:04-04

    I spoke with Lee Odden yesterday, and got an update on things going on at the Search Engine Marketing Council (SEMC), which is a special interest group within the Direct Marketing Association . Direct Marketers are the folks that have mastered the traditional art of direct response marketing, using a variety of techniques, including e-mail, (snail) mail, telemarketing, and other related methods.

    Direct Marketers are becoming increasingly interested in search engine marketing. The SEMC is working to provide educational programs to direct marketers to help them climb the curve more quickly. For example, the SEMC is sponsoring tracks at the upcoming DMA '07 Conference in Chicago in October. This conference will include substantial sessions on search, and also on social media.

    The SEMC also offers a Search Engine Marketing Certification Program. This program provides direct marketers with training in organic search marketing and pay per click search marketing. Courses are broken into two levels, Level 1, and Level II. The Level 1 courses cover the basics of search marketing, and Level II gets more advanced. Once you complete the Level II course you are eligible to seek a certification.

    One of the interesting things from my conversation with Lee was his pointing out how important it is for direct marketers to obtain a direct measurement of results. In the world of search marketing the way you get that accountability is through the use of web analytics. In fact, a growing understanding of web analytics is helping accelerate the direct marketing industry's engagement with search marketing.

  3. Search Headlines & Links: June 27, 2007 - 2007-06-27 22:06:43-04

    Want a snapshot of the day's search marketing news? Here we've collected today's top news stories posted to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with search-related headlines from around the Web:

    Click to read the rest of this post...

  4. SEW Experts: 7 Ways to Promote Your Content as Link Bait - 2007-06-28 01:01:44-04

    In today's Link Love column, " 7 Ways to Promote Your Content as Link Bait ," Justilien Gaspard offers seven ways to promote a new site project for links and exposure. If your site is already established, these links can help raise your rankings.

  5. 10 Cool Things to Do with IndexTools - 2007-06-28 01:02:09-04

    Over the course of his Web Analytics Shootout, Eric Enge found IndexTools Web Analytics to be a powerful tool available at a relatively low price. He also found ten cool things to do with IndexTools:

    1. Customize Reports
    2. Customize Dashboards
    3. Ad Hoc Scenarios
    4. Filters
    5. Merchandising
    6. Path Explorer
    7. Alerts, Events, and Color Coding
    8. Segmentation
    9. Campaign Management
    10. Custom Fields

  6. Search Ad Sellers Should Help CTRs More - 2007-06-28 04:10:00-04

    Where are Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and others when you really need them? We think that they ought to be helping their customers even more actively. Right now, it's mostly up to the advertisers and their SEM agencies to improve clickthrough rates and buying efficiency.

    Of course, creating strong paid search systems is not a trivial matter. There are, however, a variety of ways in which the ad sellers can provide incremental boosts for both advertisers and themselves.

    Click to read the rest of this post...

  7. MySpaceTV – Look Who's Chasing YouTube - 2007-06-28 10:26:33-04

    Today MySpace re-launched its video sharing site, renaming it MySpaceTV. The New York Times reports that this is a serious attempt by News Corp, the owner of MySpace, to challenge YouTube. Users of the new service do not have to be signed in as members of the MySpace community to share their videos. This feature should in fact attract new users to MySpace and expand its reach for quality video content and viewers

    Click to read the rest of this post...

  8. 9 Tips for Getting Started with Link Building - 2007-06-28 11:55:47-04

    Putting together a strategy for get links to a site is one of the hardest parts of SEO. Too many people jump right in to trying to get people to link to their site, when they should be taking the time to lay the proper groundwork in place to have a link worthy site. Here are 9 quick tips on how to approach the task:

    1. Understand the anatomy of getting a link - Since we shy away from buying links, or pursing link swaps, you are left with the task of getting someone to provide you with a one way link. I.e. getting something from them, and providing nothing in return. Or is that true? Not really. What you end up giving out, is your expertise and knowledge. This can be embedded in articles, tools, or special promotions. People who care about their visitors will link to good content, and this ends up being a fair trade. It also gets you links that are unassailable in the eyes of the search engines, and it's the best way to get links from authoritative web sites.
    2. Understand your target audience - Who are your prospective customers? What type of content would they like to see on a site like yours? Since relevant links count most, answering this question is a big key to success.
    3. Develop a map of the places where you are going to get links - Blogs, magazines, trade organizations, industry associations, distributors, resellers, colleges and universities, government sites, ...? Be creative in coming up with ideas. A potential target for linking to you is ANY site which is related to your site's content, or that can reasonably publish an article related to your business. For example, if you run a sailing web site for the Massachusetts area, is a great target. They could certainly run an article about sailing in the Boston area, and if they cover your site as a resource, you get a great link.
    4. Develop a content plan for your site - Now that you know your audience, and where you are going to get links from, come up with a plan for the great content that you are going to put on your site. To succeed, you need to put things of value out there. People will not link to you to help you make money. But they will link to you if your content, or tools, or promotions provide a truly unique value to the visitors to their site.
    5. Develop a content syndication plan - Here you can broaden your thinking even further. The concept here is to write high quality articles and give them to other web sites for placement on those sites. You only do this type of work to get very high quality links. But you can get some awesome links this way.
    6. Consider social media sites - While these are great sources of huge spikes in traffic, the traffic is not always of the best quality (although this varies from site to site). The big win is in the links you get out of it. A really well structured campaign can bring you lots of links, and in some cases, high quality links, including links from traditional media sites. To do this well, you need to really understand the audience on the social media site you are targeting. You will need to develop content that targets that audience, while keeping it related to the theme of your site.
    7. Implement a PR campaign - This is much, much more than simply sending out press releases. You need to have a plan to reach out to traditional media and bloggers as a follow up to your press releases. Unless you have lots of contacts and a great reputation with the media in your space, our recommendation is that you do this with the help of a PR agency, and leverage their contacts.
    8. Understand the investment cost - All of this takes resources. In particular, developing content on an ongoing basis, building relationships with related sites, syndicating content, pursuing social media sites, PR campaigns, ... It's a lot of work. Make sure you build into your plan the resources to execute your plan.
    9. Be in it for the long haul - Link building is not a start up activity, it's a permanent one. It is an ongoing cost to your business that never goes away.

  9. AdSense Rolls Out Referrals 2.0 - 2007-06-28 17:37:29-04

    Beyond the text and image ads AdSense offers - the release of Referrals 2.0 now incorporates products that you can sell on your site. The product that had been in beta previously is now being launched globally - well I did see instances in French, German and Italian.

    Like the text ads, the Referral product looks at the content on your page to determine a good product fit.

    The press release issued today is below.

    Click to read the rest of this post...

  10. Testing the Kid-Friendly Search Engines - 2007-06-28 18:15:21-04

    Are kid-friendly search engines worth using, or are they better served by the major engines? Debby Richman put them to the test, comparing them in categories like visual appeal to a child; relevance to a child; commercial vs. educational results; and ease of navigation for 7-10 year olds.

    See how the kid-friendly engines stacked up against the majors in today's SearchDay, Savvy Little Searchers.

  11. Search Headlines & Links: June 28, 2007 - 2007-06-29 00:22:18-04

    Want a snapshot of the day's search marketing news? Here we've collected today's top news stories posted to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with search-related headlines from around the Web:

    Click to read the rest of this post...

  12. SEW Experts: Video Search Optimization Tech Tips – Knowing the 4 P's - 2007-06-29 01:01:47-04

    In today's Vertical Challenge column, " Video Search Optimization Tech Tips – Knowing the 4 P's," Grant Crowell explains the technical aspects of video optimization and viral linking.

  13. SEW Experts: Stop In-house SEO Disasters Now! - 2007-06-29 01:01:59-04

    In today's In-House column, " Stop In-house SEO Disasters Now!," Kevin Ryan pens an ode to the in-house SEO practitioner, with a few best practices and a guide to identifying problematic personalities.

  14. Yahoo Upgrades Panama's Tools - 2007-06-29 09:21:04-04

    The keyword selector tool is offering suggestions, copying and moving keywords amongst groups, and an improved helpl section have been added to Panama's features.

    The changes are detailed at the Yahoo blog.

  15. Google Maps Gets Click-and-Drag Functionality - 2007-06-29 11:00:58-04

    Users of Google Maps have been able to click and drag a map to move about the area, but now they can also change their destination and route by clicking and dragging as well. According to Google's Lat Long Blog, the new feature allows users to pick a destination on a map by right-clicking, and move that destination by clicking on it and dragging it to a new location. For driving directions, users can specify that the route includes a certain bridge or highway by clicking on the route and dragging it to a new path.

  16. WSJ's Mossberg Likes Ask3D - 2007-06-29 11:16:52-04

    Wall Street Journal columnist and All Things Digital organizer Walt Mossberg compared Google's Universal Search with's Ask3D, and found Ask3D to be a better way of presenting search results. In Takes Lead In Designing Display Of Search Results, Mossberg writes:

    Now, Google and Ask each have rolled out new ways of presenting search results. Google's approach, which it calls "universal search," is a modest thing, a first step in what it says will be a long effort to break down barriers between different types of information a user may be seeking, such as Web links, images and news.

    But Ask's new system, called "Ask3D," is a much bolder and better advance in unifying different kinds of results and presenting them in a more effective manner. It shows, once again, that Ask places a higher priority than its competitors do on making search results easy to navigate and use. is currently trying to become a legitimate contender in search, with a new ad campaign and new features like Ask3D. A favorable review from Mossberg can help spread the word to the masses, but it will take much more than that to get users to change their behavior.

  17. Presidential Candidates Need Some Help with their Reputations - 2007-06-29 11:51:22-04

    The majority of U.S. Presidential candidates have a negative reputation on search engines, according to a new study by Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim. The 2008 Presidential Election Candidate Reputation Study found that 15 of 18 candidates had negative results within the first 20 when a user searched for their names on Google and Yahoo.

    Democrats Barack Obama and Mike Gravel, and Republican Ron Paul were the only candidates with no negative search engine results.

    "The study demonstrates that with more than a year to go until the 2008 presidential election, candidates are not fully managing their search engine reputation," said Beal, founding principle of Marketing Pilgrim. "As the election race heats up, voters will be influenced by what they discover on the web. A single negative Google result could be enough to lose the election."

  18. Spock - The People Search Engine - 2007-06-29 12:02:52-04

    People search engine Spock is still in invitiation only beta, but I had a chance to review the product. One of the first things that becomes evident is that all of its search results are about people. This is a vertical search engine through and through. This approach gives Spock substantial leverage. For example, if you enter in the query "NFL", you will get a list of people that have been tagged "NFL".

    Spock appears to use a combination of algorithmic tagging, where it develops tags for people based on web crawling, and people powered tagging, where users can add their own tags. So the crawler will be a driving force in populating the search engine data set pre-launch, but over time input from people will have an increasing impact on the results.

    As this article by Alex Iskold on ReadWriteWeb observed, the result will be that famous people will receive far more tags than others. This leaves the question as to how much information you will receive on the less famous.

    This question aside, Spock provides a remarkably clean and efficient people search engine. The results are easy to interpret, and you can navigate among people who are "related" (i.e. that share the same tag, as in my NFL example above). I look forward to its public release.

  19. The Day The Music Died: Internet Radio Goes Silent - 2007-06-29 14:26:19-04

    In protest of the increase in royalty fees internet radio stations had a 'day of silence' yesterday. Instead of finding their regular music channels, many web radio listeners were told about the increase in fees and were asked to contact their Congressmen in support of the Internet Radio Equality Act, and they did. Servers were overloaded and Congressional switchboards were constantly busy.

    WebProNews has a videocast covering the protest.

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  20. 'Short Tail' Analytics: Getting to the Meat - 2007-06-29 14:49:02-04

    SEO and web analytics company Engine Ready reminds us that while the 'long tail' is not something to forget about, the 'short tail' of search provides the majority of your conversions. And as such should be of major concern to all search marketers. Their report shows how the top 10 terms get as much as 60% of the conversions.

    The San Diego-based company provides a quick case study that is worth the read.