MUTO : Absolutely amazing display of creativity and depth!

Another prime example of the amazing talent brewing in Latin America. I've found particularly creative works from, in and around Rio de Janeiro [Brazil], Santiago [Chile] and Buenos Aires [Argentina].

MUTO. A wall-painted animation by BLU on Vimeo.

How does this fit in with web 2.0 and online marketing, you ask. Simple. Super-creative works like this that doesn't require a PHD to realize how amazing it is spreads like wildfire. Putting it into formats made for "web travel" (i.e., share and embed-ready video on social networking sites like Vimeo and YouTube and Myspace) makes it super simple to share and even [sort of] make your own.

[MUTO] gave me a reason to reach out to you and gave you a reason to remember me... and I didn't even have to paint a wall ;-]