CradlePoint CTR500 Cellular Travel Router

Miami web manager's image findPortable and Compact
The CradlePoint CTR500 Cellular Travel Router creates a secure Wi-Fi Hotspot from broadband enabled cellular data modems. The CTR500 is the world's most compact router that is able to support BOTH Express Card and USB-style Cellular Modems. Powered by CradlePoint's WiPipe™ technology, it supports a wide variety of modems and handsets on the ATT, Verizon, Sprint, and Alltel networks and gives users hassle-free Wi-Fi access nearly anywhere.

Secure and Reliable
The high-performance router platform supports multiple and concurrent VPN pass-through sessions, plus encryption modes including WPA2 Personal and Enterprise to provide secure client access. Unique built-in auto-failover between broadband sources enables wireless backup applications and maximum uptime.

CradlePoint's built-in Setup Wizard provides diskless set up of security settings - getting a remote workgroup up and running quickly regardless of OS or device-type on the network. For site selection and placement convenience, the CTR500 also includes a signal strength mode, which enables external LED indication of cellular signal strength.


  • Fully compliant 802.11b/g router

  • Supports external 802.11 antenna (not included)

  • Compatible with Express Card and USB style cellular modems (EVDO and HSDPA networks)

  • Supports select handsets via USB cable

  • 10/100 Ethernet port switchable as WAN or LAN

  • Auto-failover mode for a compact broadband source backup solution

  • Cellular signal strength indication on top panel eases site selection

  • Powered by WiPipe™ technology
Supported modems, handsets & data cards can be found on the CTR500 support page.

Mobile Business
CradlePoint’s CTR500 teamed with your EVDO or HSDPA cell phone or a Cellular USB modem gives you and your team instant, reliable, and secure Internet access wherever you work. Great for simplifying individual access as well as sharing – no need to add hardware or software to your PC or your colleagues’ PC to get connected to the broadband cellular networks. Finally, you can have the convenience of WiFi and the coverage of cellular in one solution.

All the luxuries of home include Internet access – even if home is on the road or away from home. The CTR500 gives you a great way to unleash the modem built-in your Cellular phone. And tethered data service can be activated for just the months you need it instead of making long term commitments. An added feature is the ability to put your phone where you have signal, and use your laptop where it’s convenient. With the CTR500, you no longer have to hunt around for a public WiFi hotspot to get Internet access when on vacation.

Emergency Response
The CradlePoint CTR500 provides the most compact portable WiFi solution available. And it quickly allows you to set up vital communication links in seconds. Responders will be able to share vital documents, emails, and mission critical information without the usual hassles. The CTR500 is your instant infrastructure solution for EVDO and HSDPA networks and is tuned to work with the latest USB modems.

Whether at a remote site or in the trailer, for short time periods or extended, the CTR500 provides a perfect solution for Internet connectivity when space and convenience are a premium. Plus, it supports Mobile PCs as well as handheld computers and PDAs for easy WiFi internet access regardless of what infrastructure your team uses. Ease of use and solid network performance are yours with the CTR500.

Remote Events
For all kinds of remote events, from off-site meetings to concerts to races to picture day at the soccer field, the CTR500 provides a reliable, easy-to-setup wireless network. Password access allows you an extra level of security without requiring everyone to become an IT expert. Plus, the remote login feature allows you to remotely provide Internet access to your colleagues without publicizing with the world with the CradlePoint CTR500.

By CradlePoint, Inc. (more here)
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b dIffErEnt

Miami web manager's image findGuerrilla Marketing International — Guerrillas are aces at obtaining things for free and also very wise in the ways they'll part with one thousand dollars. To take 600 dealers from around the nation on a factory tour with a free lunch tossed in would be far to high an expense for Fossler Special Markets Company of Illinois. So they mailed an invitation to receive permission to send a package containing a can of chicken noodle soup, a mug, a packet of cocoa and a bag of potato chips, plus a video of a nine-minute factory tour. A full 120 of the dealers granted permission, and 50 of them increased their sales 40% or more during the next two months. Cost of the entire campaign: $1,000. Not free, but definitely a guerrilla bargain. Think barter. Think co-op. Think creatively.

By Jay Conrad Levinson for Guerrilla Marketing International (subscribe to the newsletter here)
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Here I am... just do me

Miami web manager's image findAdrants — Over at Gawker, Nike is taking a beating for a new slogan it's testing in a new campaign targeting women in Europe. The tagline, "Here I am" is humorously pointed out to have, well, and interesting relationship with the parent tagline,"Just Do It." The relationship? The actionable "do it" portion of the parent tagline is seen to be a bit, well, awkwardly demeaning when placed next to the more submissive "Here I Am."

So is Nike telling the bulk of its audience to just do it with submissive women in Europe who will just lay down and say "here I am?"

OK, so that's a major over analysis of the situation but Just Do It says something. Hear I Am? That's like throwing your hands up and saying WTF, do whatever you want to me. I'm here for you. I exist. Take me.

Dear Nike, stop screwing around with a good thing. Just Do It works. Tell all those agency types over at Wieden + Kennedy who want to make a name for themselves by messing around with your tagline to shut up and concentrate on your brand, not their own personal brand.

On the new tagline, The New York Times writes, "The company also wanted a slogan that wouldn't sound odd alongside "Just do it." So nobody thought the combination "Hear I am. Just do it" might be interpreted as a bit odd?

Twisting things into what could be interpreted as sexist, Wieden + Kennedy Creative Director Mark Bernath noted the new tagline promotes exercise without being too aggressive and said, "We want to make sure normal women can relate to it." Wow. Are we to assume women shouldn't be aggressive when they exercise, rather act as if they are docile, cute little things who offer up their submissive, "Here I Am" selves to men who can cuddle them after they finish their manly, aggressive "Just Do It" version of exercise?

Oops. I sound like feminist. I need to stop now.

All of that said, the actual commercial(s) is kinda cool.

By Steve Hall for Adrants (read the article here)
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USA Today Roll Out Ads for iPhone

Miami web manager's image findADOTAS – Rich-media advertising gurus PointRoll have partnered with USA Today to premier the first expandable, rich media ad units created for the iPhone, PointRoll said.

The product was initially launched on USA Today’s mobile site. It features both the Ford campaign for the all-new 2009 Ford Flex and NBC Universal’s Focus Features campaign for the Coen brother’s new movie, “Burn After Reading,” starring George Clooney, Frances McDormand, John Malkovich, Tilda Swinton and Brad Pitt.

“The new Ford Flex marketing campaign is all about engaging consumers in the most relevant and technologically advanced way possible. Mobile is the most interactive way of engaging potential and existing customers, and we are excited to provide wireless devices with the same rich media advertising capabilities that we currently use online,” said Ford communications manager, Usha Raghavachari. “Our key focus is to give our audiences relevant information to help them choose their next vehicle and this technology helps us take this to the next dimension.”

The expandable ads offer video click-to-play, coupon downloads, integrated mapping technology directly linked to Google Maps, user-initiated click-to-call and more. Marketers will be able to track interaction rates, brand time, and other key measures of activity.

“The launch of our new iPhone solution is a great opportunity to showcase PointRoll’s innovation, by extending user-initiated rich media advertising to a new environment,” said Max Mead, vice president, business development and strategy, for PointRoll. “We’ve fine tuned our advertising technologies to enable agencies and marketers from leading brands to create personalized and original interactive campaigns on web pages viewed on the iPhone.”

PointRoll is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gannett Co.

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Source(s): Kathleen for Adotas; Read the article here

AOL: Ad Woes, Layoffs Continue

Miami web manager's image findADOTAS – AOL just can’t seem to catch a break. The latest: missed targets and a round of layoffs.

While AOL’s ad network, Platform-A, is performing reasonably well, it likely won’t hit its revenue targets, according to reports. Time Warner CFO John Martin is also concerned about the immediate future of advertising, noting recently canceled ad deals and a softening in certain verticals, particularly auto, finance and travel.

AOL also reportedly laid of five to 10 employees in its shared services group.

Time Warner has been trying to get the faltering AOL off its hands for some time, but has yet to find any takers.

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Source(s): Adotas; Read the article here

Video advertising works; see for yourself

Not many people are taking advantage of video advertising. That's a big mistake for them but a HUGE opportunity for you.

Suburban is a local dealer that knows how to create buzz and promote a brand. Watch the video to see exactly what I mean. These video clips are just so entertaining and funny that you'll want to share them with friends but the nicest part is that they're safe for business... which means you can share them with co-workers as well. Bravo Suburban!

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