The perils of doing your own search engine marketing (SEM)

Why Did Google Bury the Web's Oldest Entertainment Publication?

UPDATE: Roughly two hours after this post went live, Google re-enabled Studio Briefing's ad serving, without explanation. Irwin still wishes he knew, specifically, what he did wrong. But for now, he says, "we're back in business."

For all its claims of neutrality, Google certainly didn't seem very objective when it delisted Studio Briefing, dealing a huge blow to the Web's oldest entertainment publication.

Since launching its own site in April, Studio Briefing--a Variety-style news service that's been sending emails since 1993--had been buying ads from Google AdWords and promoting ads from Google AdSense. Then in September, without warning, owner Lew Irwin received a boilerplate notification from Google that its ads had been "disabled"--thereby eliminating a potential revenue stream--because the site did not comply with Google policies. The search titan also diverted its spider, which meant Studio Briefing posts wouldn't appear in Google search results.

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The media loves this car

What Does the GM CEO Shake-Up Mean for the Volt?

The latest--and perhaps most hazardous--roadblock on the Chevy Volt's journey to a car dealership near you might just be the unexpected resignation of General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson. Henderson has only been running the bankrupt corporate giant since President Obama and his Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry ousted Rich Wagoner in March. Back then conservatives and unreconstructed free marketers howled at the White House's intervention in corporate affairs--and no doubt Fox News will be dusting for any White House fingerprints in this latest switcheroo. But The New York Times reported that Henderson's dismissal was a "board-led" decision. If nothing else, this expresses quite eloquently what Detroit thinks of Obama's pick.

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Good cast + minimal marketing = great buzz

Youth In Revolt - Official Movie Trailer (starring Michael Cera and Zach Galifianakis)

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Black Friday boasts $595M in US online holiday spending, up 11% vs. last year

Black Friday Boasts $595 Million in U.S. Online Holiday Spending, Up 11 Percent Versus Year Ago

Strong Lead-Up to Black Friday Boosts Holiday Spending Growth to 3 Percent for the First 27 Days of the Season

RESTON, VA, November 29, 2009 – comScore (NASDAQ : SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today reported holiday season retail e-commerce spending for the first 27 days of the November – December 2009 holiday season. For the holiday season-to-date, $10.57 billion has been spent online, marking a 3-percent increase versus the corresponding days last year. Black Friday (November 27) saw $595 million in online sales, making it the second heaviest online spending day to date in 2009 and representing an 11-percent increase versus Black Friday 2008.

“Black Friday, better known as a shopping bonanza in brick-and-mortar retail stores, is increasingly becoming one of the landmark days in the online holiday shopping world,” said comScore chairman, Gian Fulgoni. “The $595 million in online spending this Black Friday represents the second heaviest online spending day of the season-to-date and a double-digit increase from last year. While this acceleration in spending suggests the online holiday season may be shaping up slightly more optimistically than anticipated, it may also reflect the heavy discounting and creative promotions being put forth by retailers that now encompass the use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Cyber Monday – the traditional kick-off to the online holiday shopping season – and the subsequent weeks will be the real test for how online retailers fare this season. That said, this is a very encouraging start.”

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Hispanic talent

Finding the “right” Hispanic expertise for your company

Like one of my good teachers once said, “would you ask the janitor to develop your marketing strategy?” Well then, why would you ask your call center representative to create and translate your Spanish collateral materials?

How many times do managers find themselves in the position of having to hire an employee—be it for a call center, sales or marketing—and didn’t know how to go about it?

Here are some tips on how to hire correctly.

If you are looking for a call center representative, you need to find a person with a customer centric attitude and bilingual skills. Ah, but this is tougher than it sounds. The customer service skills are easily detectable, but how do you test the prospect’s bilingual skills in a language you do not know? My advice is to have them take a proficiency test at a local branch of a language instruction institute or a reputable foreign organization that tests Spanish language skills.

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FOS (friend of sales)

Finding the best home for your ad operations

In the past, when the subject of "who wants to manage ad operations" came up in executive meetings, the only response was the sound of chirping crickets. Ad operations was frequently relegated to the farthest reaches of a corporate floor plan. Fortunately, that time has come and gone. The consideration of where ad operations lives has significant ramifications on the ability of a company to run efficiently and attain revenue goals. The human dynamics between functional divisions are as important, if not more so, than the technology used to support them.

Ad operations is much more than just a back-office function. In fact, it is the lifeblood of any publisher who relies on online media as a significant contribution to its revenue stream. Without ad operations, sales can never make the leap from insertion order to fulfillment of contract. Without ad operations, guidelines for pricing and packaging become a moving target. Without ad operations, the balancing act between creative ad units and credible, reliable content goes off kilter.

Given this critical function, where should ad operations live in an organization? In sales? In technology? In finance? Or, does it live on its own as a standalone division? Having worked with more than 40 publishers as clients, I've seen it all. Even within a single company, organizational structure can change with each new management regime. Depending on the choices that are made, the results can lead to operational efficiency, or downright dysfunction.

Care and feeding of ad operations

In considering the organizational structure that ad operations lives in, the following functions need to be preserved and nurtured:

Gatekeeping. Any publisher revenue forecast worth its salt is built from the ground up, based on metrics that ad operations works with every day. What is the monthly traffic of a site, and the resulting volume of ad impressions? What is the distribution of ad impression by size, by content type? What is the typical sell-through percentage for the site? What is the rate card, and what variances are allowed in day-to-day selling? Ad operations is the last stop before an ad campaign is launched and the last chance to help the publisher manage the pricing and packaging so at the end of a fiscal year, they actually stand a chance of achieving the budget. Ad operations can help by working cooperatively with sales and finance, acting as a gatekeeper to flag contracts that don't meet agreed-upon guidelines.

Technology. Ad operations needs to be in a position to ask for and receive the budget needed to improve the technology that runs its business. If it doesn't have the management clout within an organization to vet out new inventory reports, or new order management and billing solutions, or sophisticated targeting methodologies, it will always be hamstrung with workarounds that are inefficient and lead to errors.

A seat at the table. Here's what I mean by "seat at the table." Too often, new ad product initiatives, editorial calendars that include special site sections, and management changes in ad packaging are planned in a vacuum as far as ad operations is concerned. Leaving ad operations out of the loop leaves out an important piece of the success equation, and generally results in last-minute fire drills because the maxim "the devil is in the details" was not considered.

What's the best neighborhood?

What is the best corporate neighborhood for ad operations to live in? Let's take a look at the variations and consequences at play in creating an org structure that includes ad operations.

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5 Signs You Need A Website Redesign Now

Back in 2005, you took your business online with the latest and most cutting edge eCommerce technologies. Now, almost half a decade later, your website is still chugging along, but that once shiny layer of digital paint is now showing signs of age.

Does this story sound familiar?

Standards, styles, and best practices on the web change at lightning speed, and although your website may still be completely functional, you may be warding off potential customers and clients unknowingly. Here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself to see if your website needs a redesign, pronto.

Question 1: In terms of speed, how fast is your website? You’ve worked hard to get your visitors to show up at your website’s door – don’t put them to sleep with long load times. Numerous studies have been conducted and all of them have found the same result: Longer load times = less visitors = less business.

A study conducted by Akamai in 2006 found that if your website takes longer than four seconds to fully load, 33%, or one-third, of all visitors will abandon your site. Additionally, Amazon found that a 100ms increase in site load time would result in a 1% decrease in sales, while Google found that an increase of 500ms on load time would directly result in a drop in traffic and revenue by 20%.

Whatever numbers you go by, the one takeaway is that your website needs to load, fast. Try optimizing your website by compressing images for the web, aggregating and cleaning out your CSS, and removing old, unnecessary content to reduce HTTP requests. You can also try switching webhosts if loading issues persist.

Question 2: Does your website lack consistency? Although it may not seem like it, consistency in major elements on all pages of your site is a must. Elements like navigation, fonts and colors, URL format, and editorial style should show consistency throughout your website as it shows your professionalism and attention to detail when conducting business.

If your site is riddled with typos, mismatching font sizes, and non-loading images, not only will it impact the credibility of your website but can also negatively affect your search engine optimization strategy, which can result in lowered sales.

Sites like Yahoo!, eBay, and the BBC have hundreds if not thousands of pages online at any given time, yet almost all of those pages have a similar feel, design, and editorial style. Browse through, compare, and take notes, and see if your website maintains a solid level of consistency when compared to some major leaguers.

Question 3: Does your website scream sensory overload? Don’t try to throw text, imagery, links, icons, buttons, ads, or whatever else at your visitor right off the bat. Information overload will prevent you from surfacing the most important information on your website while delivering a load of clutter your visitor will have to sift through. You’ll be shocked to see how quickly a set of eyes can glaze over. (Check out this info-mess here.)

Take a minute to review the different types of information hierarchies used today at, and while you’re at it, analyze how the information on your website is organized. Matching the contents of your website up with the right information architecture will not only produce more efficient visitors but will also produce more efficient shoppers as well.

Question 4: Does your website look old-school? Technologies aren’t the only thing that evolve at a break-neck pace online – styles do too. Whatever style was hot back in ’05 probably isn’t what’s hot right now. Here’s how Message Web Designs explains it:

Just like hairstyles, websites date. What was all the rage a couple of years ago is now seen as passé… Sometimes this is down to design trends - like the 3D buttons and interfaces that were so popular a few years back when graphics tools made it easy to create bevel and emboss styles. Other times it's because the web is maturing and web designers develop a better understanding of what visitors want. For instance, Flash intro pages were all the rage until web designers realised that users didn't like them and wanted to get straight to the content. Flash introductions are the beehive hairdo of the web design world: dated, impractical and utterly pointless.
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Do keywords really matter

Why Keywords Matter from Wordtracker on Vimeo.

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Adopt a family

For most of us, the holidays are a time of joy celebrated with family and friends, but for thousands in our community, it is a time of struggle and disappointment. But you can help through the Neighbors 4 Neighbors Adopt-A-Family 4 The Holidays program which officially kicked off Tuesday night with a fundraiser in Doral.

This year my family is participating in Channel 4’s Neighbors 4 Neighbors Adopt a Family 4 the Holiday’s program. We've been assigned a family in need from the Miami area and the family that we are privileged to assist this Thanksgiving and Christmas season is a family of five (mom, dad, a 10-year-old girl and two 5 and 3-year-old boys).

Through Divine Savior, we're providing them with a basket of non-perishable food but I don't want to stop there... so if there's anything you can send, please do so and share with those in [dire] need. If you have any questions, please let me know!

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Living with a gadget addict

Living with a BlackBerry Addict

Meg Cadoux Hirshberg writes about how her husband, Stonyfield Farm's Gary Hirshberg, never lets his BlackBerry leave his side.

Her name is Bond Girl.

My husband, Gary, refers to her simply as his BlackBerry, but I know better. Bond Girl has become the awkward third wheel in our relationship. She sleeps on Gary's bed table and wakes us each morning. When he reaches to silence her, he can't resist scrolling down her sleek silver body to check for last night's e-mails. Bond Girl joins us when we dine and sits on the sidelines at our kids' soccer games, purring randomly. She knows all Gary's secrets and contains all his memories. She alone knows where he'll be today, tomorrow, and ever after.

My normally calm husband turned quietly frantic when he misplaced Bond Girl a few months ago. She turned up after a 15-minute search, and I joked that it would be interesting to see just how long he could live without her. Not missing a beat, Gary replied, "I think you just did."

Over the 25 years that Gary has been in business, we've marveled at each new technology. I remember my amazement at our first PC in 1985 and first fax machine in 1987. Then cell phones came along. But none of those affected the texture of our relationship the way Bond Girl has. Although the barrier between work and the rest of life has been eroding steadily, it's taken the BlackBerry to shatter it altogether. Her incessant buzzing -- Check me! Check me! It just might be important! -- slices into our family cocoon. The way some mourn the loss of wilderness, I grieve the loss of quiet space, free of electronic intrusion and interruption. Bond Girl gives Gary constant access to the world. But more disturbingly, she gives the world constant access to him.

Entrepreneurial businesses are colicky babies that never stop screaming for their owners' time, energy, and imagination. Their families are in a constant battle for attention. For the entrepreneur, maintaining work-family balance involves managing guilt on both sides. Enter the BlackBerry. It beguiles both the entrepreneur and the family by creating the alluring illusion of freedom. The entrepreneur can be surrounded by family, untethered from the office -- but always accessible to work.

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Anatomy of a recommendation

Client Satisfaction or Delight?

Here's what most business owners don't get:

It's not enough to satisfy clients, you need to delight them. The good news is that this really works. The bad news is that it takes more thought and effort than the average business owner is willing to give.

I recently went on a vacation to Sedona Arizona, as I mentioned last week. Well, Sedona itself certainly delights. It's a natural wonder and the spectacular red hills, desert pants and breathtaking hiking trails don't need any marketing help.

But it's a different case with the restaurants.

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The secret strategy of getting referrals

How To Double Your Business By Cloning Your Top Clients

Are you ready for the secret? There are two parts to it. First you have to ask. Second you have to ask often.

Here is a list of great referral marketing ideas:

  1. Referral research method

  2. Getting Married philosophy

  3. Non- verbal referral communication

  4. Up front referral business

  5. Competition target method

  6. Clone your best clients method

  7. Centers of influence referrals
The first idea is to do research on selected referral targets. Show your client or center of influence the ideal client profile that you are looking for or targeting. Let them know that you are constantly trying to improve your business to help people achieve their financial goals.

While clients are happy with the services they receive, you would like to interview potential prospects to conduct research on what our marketing, communication and advice that you help people with and the perceived value. Ask them for names of people in your unique profile purely to do market research.

You want to let them know that it will greatly help identify and target your ideal prospect. Then call these referrals and you will be amazed at the amount of
information you can gather about your target market.

How they network, the clubs or associations they belong to the type of advisors they work with and how they network. Along the way the people who you conduct research on may provide referrals to you directly.

The next referral strategy is the getting married philosophy. Think for a moment if you were to marry someone new, who would you want to meet that is associated with that person to find out more about them. First you may meet their parents ( a movie was made about this), you might want to meet their friends, colleagues at work and possibly their neighbors.

We’ll ask your client, 'Now that you have become a client of ours, have you talked with anyone in your family, at work or your friends about us'. Chances are if they just moved a large investment account to you, they at least tell their best friends.

In their center of people close to them they have the ability to send friends and family your way as referrals. Talking about it up front may make it easier to refer these people to you. You can ask if any of these people, family, friends, colleagues at work should need your help that you are more than happy to accommodate their needs. While they might not fit your ideal profile, usually birds of a feather flock together and their friends will be similar to their profile. Get married to your clients. At least help the people around them.

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So disappointed with Apple

iPhone AC Adapter

Be very careful with your iPhone adapter. I recently purchased a new 3GS iPhone for my wife and the AC adapter starting sparking from both the end plugged into the outlet and the end that plugs into the phone. The phone was not connected at the time and it happened as the AC adapter was being unplugged from the outlet. There was a recall months ago and Apple replaced them with adapters with a green dot. Note that this AC adapter has the green dot. I contacted ATT and they basically put me in touch with Apple support who made an appointment for me at my local apple store to have the adapter replaced.

Attached is a picture of the "fried" adapter. Dont know if you can tell but the end that connects to the phone has melted a bit. We were fortunate enough that no one was hurt.

So disappointed with Apple!


...via email

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Shhhhhh... this is top secret

The Secrets of Bill Gates' Portfolio

Bill Gates owns about 700 million shares of Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) -- 713.1 million to be exact. His cache of Microsoft stock is worth a tidy $18.7 billion. Every time the price of Microsoft moves up a penny, Gates' wealth grows by $7.1 million.

Well, big surprise there, right? You knew Bill had a pile of MSFT shares. So did I.

But Gates holds huge positions in other companies. Forbes, which recently pegged Gates' wealth at $50 billion, alluded to some of these other holdings. I'm not going to gloss over the details. I'm going to tell you exactly what the richest man in the world owns.

By poring through SEC records for Gates -- as well as his personal holding company, which manages his investments -- I've come up with a list of 19 holdings in addition to Microsoft.

Some of them, like ethanol and coal companies, may interest you. The losers might surprise you. Some holdings, such as a $350 million stake in his close friend Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, you might have been able to guess.

Let's take a look:

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Yahoo's lap dancers make all the wrong moves

Company issues apology for racy entertainment for developers in Taiwan

Yahoo has apologized for its use of scantily clad lap dancers to entertain mainly male software developers and engineers in Taiwan last weekend. The Internet search company Monday acknowledged its politically incorrect step.

"I wanted to acknowledge the public reaction generated by the images of female dancers at our Taiwan Open Hack Day this past weekend," said Chris Yeh of Yahoo's Development Network on the company's blog.

"Our hack events are designed to give developers an opportunity to learn about our ... (programming) and technologies. As many folks have rightly pointed out, the 'Hack Girls' aspect of our Taiwan Hack Day is not reflective of that spirit or purpose. And it’s certainly not the message we want to send about our values here at Yahoo! Hack Days are about making everyone feel welcome, including women coders and technologists."

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Companies are dumb

Most Companies are Dumb When it Comes to Customer Intelligence

Despite most firms indicating their involvement in customer intelligence efforts, the lack of sophistication of said efforts–and the siloing of the data–is holding back many businesses, according to a new report from Forrester.

The Intelligent Approach To Customer Intelligence report reveals more than 80% of companies say they use market research, direct marketing, and web analytics, as part of their customer intelligence. Yet, despite this, only 25% of companies have any idea just how beneficial that data is to their business. Forrester submits that there are three levels of sophistication–when it comes to customer intelligence–and most organizations are barely scratching the surface ...

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In the midst of an existential crisis

Oliver Stone Throws A Tantrum About The Internet At Terra Speaking Engagement

Last night, Guanabee attended a speaking engagement for which director Oliver Stone was paid, ($75,000, according to one Terra employee), to speak with Terra CEO and founder Fernando Madeira about the future of the internet. Terra, in case you don’t know, bills themselves as a, "leading entertainment, news and sports hub for U.S. Hispanics". Which is why it was somewhat surprising when Stone proceeded to tell his host, and all the internet entrepreneurs in the audience at The New Museum in Manhattan, what a "disaster" the internet is. As the conversation wore on, it became clear that we were in the presence of an aging and angry man coming to terms with his growing irrelevance in the face of internet entertainment culture. Basically, Stone doesn’t believe anything (video or otherwise) on the internet can be called art because "it’s not the way [he] grew up". It’s not what he calls, "watching a movie". He then summed up the internet thusly: "These kids" "jump in a pool" [and video tape it] and "call it a movie".

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Google loses the first position to Microsoft

Internet Users Grow by 20% in Latin America. Which Online Destinations are Gaining Ground?

The number of Internet users grew substantially in the three main Latin American countries during the August 2008 - August 2009 period, according to figures released by ComScore. Argentina is the country that grew the most with an annual growth rate of 29% to 11 million users, vs. 22% in Brazil to 31 million users and 14% in Mexico to more than 13 million users.

What online destination are taking advantage of this growth, which ones are laging behind? Google and Microsoft continue to be in the top position in most Latin American countries. Both media properties’ number of unique users grew by approximately 20% (see the tables at the end of this article).

Mexico is the only large country where Google loses the first position. Microsoft sites lead in Mexico with a difference of over 400,000 unique users over Google.

The Brazilian market, by far the largest one in Latin America, continues to be in the hands of local players. UOL and Organizacoes Globo. However, Brazil Telecom, Terra and Yahoo are growing at a rate of 20%, twice the rate of the leading local players.

...keep reading at Portada Magazine

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Hispanics... yes, they ARE online

An Overlooked Niche: Marketing To Hispanics Online

There is no doubt Hispanics are online. And for most of them, the Internet is about connecting with their friends and family and keeping in touch with the latest happenings in their world. However, advertisers have fallen short in actively targeting this portion of the population, in particular with search marketing. Marketers are missing a golden opportunity because Hispanic online users are prime candidates for responding to a search marketing campaign.

According to eMarketer, 52% of U.S. Hispanics are online, representing about 23 million in 2008. And that number will only grow. The U.S. Hispanic population is the most rapidly increasing demographic group in the United States and ranks as the number one minority group. In some cities and states, this minority group has even become the majority. The same may someday be true for Hispanic users online. It is estimated that number of Hispanic Internet users will surge between now and 2012 and surpass 29 million.

And they aren’t novice users. Half of the U.S Hispanic online population has been using the Internet for more than three years. This demographic knows eBay, knows Google and can surf the web with the best of them. With 27% of those 23 million Internet users going online everyday, there are plenty of opportunities for marketers to reach out and connect with this group.

Online and ready to purchase

Hispanic online spending was expected to make up 11% of all online spending in 2007 amounting to about $12.8 billion, according to Jupiter Research, expected to increase to $21.6 billion by 2011. Plus, online Hispanics are more desirable to advertisers than their offline counterparts. They earn more, are better educated and are more likely to own a home. And most of them are searching on Google. Google claims that it holds 72% of the Hispanic market share, followed by Yahoo! at 17% and MSN at 2%.

...keep reading at Search Engine Land

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SEO, anyone?

Would Your Company Be A Good SEO Client?

Organic links – the ones that just happen are typically driven by things like public relations, brand awareness, unique content, existing exposure, and social networking. In competitive markets, some aspects of the evolving SEO field should be baked into the core of the company’s DNA. When you get interviewed, you have to know to ask for links. If you are in competitive markets and are operating at scale, it is unlikely that you will have your SEO be your contact point for all media relationships.

Profitable client projects

Some client projects are a slam dunk; where after a half hour of research, you see opportunities (including site structure, page titles, on page optimization, competitive research, and content ideas) that guarantee a multi-thousand percent ROI. SEO is the most explosive and has the highest returns when there is an already successful company that is in the game, but has not given a second thought to SEO.

All of the footprints (customers, customer interactions, customer lists, word of mouth marketing, organic links, a traffic stream outside of search, etc.) that comes along with having a successful company, works as a foundation which helps the SEO efforts boost the site even higher into the search results. As a bonus, those existing footprints on the web are also the hardest for competitors to clone. Once you have them, you have a lasting competitive advantage.

It is easier to take a website from page 2 or 3 of the search results to the top than it is to start building from scratch. In fact, many of the smartest SEO practitioners are willing to launch a site that is half done just so they can get it a few links and get it aging. Google likes old websites, so that is what we should give them.

Brutally ugly client projects

Conversely, the worst websites to work for (especially as client projects) are those which are not unique, those that are brand new, and those that tend to be thin on content. Why? These sites have no footprint on the web. And if they are to build one, it often requires aggressive push marketing, and is moving counter to the trend in search. Matt Cutts recently went so far as making a video recommending not trying to rank a thin ecommerce site.

Worse yet, many of the thin sites are to remain thin because the owner is a blow hard who is unwilling to change. These are the types of projects that have a less than 1% chance of being profitable and enjoyable. Any SEO who has taken on a dozen or more clients, should be able to spot the toxic client types and turn down those opportunities before they become headaches.

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Sue Facebook, I could use the money

Times Are Tough, Why Not Sue Facebook?

Once upon a time, Google was the company to sue. Now it seems to have passed the mantle to Facebook, which is facing an entertaining array of bizarre and quixotic lawsuits--many of them filed in the last few days, and with little legal merit. ([Above], Facebook's new HQ in Palo Alto.)

The headliner: Phoenix Media, maker of personal and dating-service ads used by 200 newspapers nationally, is suing Facebook for patent infringement. What's the alleged infraction? The lawsuit says that Facebook copies Phoenix's patented "method of creating and sharing a profile page." The company hasn't said how much in damages it will seek, but if it doesn't win against Facebook, it can always sue every single other Web 2.0 Web site on earth.

Read more at Fast Company

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Click here to see your ad in mysterious places

Pros and Cons of Online Ad Networks

Convenience and reach come at a price

Ad networks hold wide appeal for both publishers and advertisers. On the content provider side, they offer an easy way to sell a large amount of inventory—even if the revenue per impression is typically less than with direct sales.

On the advertiser side, according to a worldwide study by Econsultancy and the Rubicon Project, the main benefits of using ad networks are increased reach, flexible payment models and lower costs.

Read more at eMarketer

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US Hispanic SEO Market

Implications Of Yahoo Microsoft Search Deal

Yahoo and Microsoft's recently announced a search partnership where Microsoft's newest search engine,, will power Yahoo's search functions while Yahoo handles ad sales. The deal will not be fully consummated until some point in 2010, but it is important to understand the ramifications for the Hispanic online market today.

The US Hispanic Search Market Before the Yahoo Microsoft Partnership

Just as Google dominates the global search market, Google currently controls the lion's share of the U.S. Hispanic search market. According to my not-so-scientific estimates (see below), Google controls close to 47% of the U.S. Hispanic search market. Not only is the most popular site among U.S. Hispanics, Google has also been very savvy in establishing partnerships with leading Hispanic publishers to power their search functions. These partnerships include, but are not limited, to and AOL Latino, Fox Interactive Media (most notably MySpace),,,, and Impremedia.

I calculate that Yahoo currently holds about 27% of the US Hispanic search market. The majority of its U.S. Hispanic search volume comes from (the second-most popular site among Hispanics) in addition to Yahoo en Español. From a partnership perspective, some deals of note include Yahoo's integration with Mexican media giant Televisa's web portal,, which is very popular among Mexican Americans, and also with Hispanic Digital Network's array of niche Hispanic websites.

Microsoft is in third place with 13% of the Hispanic search market thanks to the third-most popular site among Hispanics, and MSN Latino. Microsoft also picks up Hispanic searches from it's partnership with Facebook which reaches close to 8 million U.S. Hispanics each month. rounds out the top four with 13% of the Hispanic search market.

Read more at MediaPost

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