LookSmart Delivers Better Value With CPA-Optimized Ad Rotation

LookSmart, the search advertising network and management company, has announced ... the limited beta test of SmartRotation, a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) driven tool that uses a tracking pixel to automatically optimize campaigns based on the best-converting ad creative.

SmartRotation is part of a larger beta test of ad rotation and is the latest addition to LookSmart’s award-winning AdCenter, a powerful ad serving and keyword auction platform that enables advertisers to manage return on investment (ROI) through increased targeting and tracking.

“Most search advertising providers offer ad rotation optimization driven by click-through rate, which benefits them, but not necessarily the advertiser,” said Michael Schoen, VP of advertising platforms for LookSmart.

“Advertisers can maximize ROI and lower CPAs from LookSmart campaigns while reducing time spent managing those campaigns using SmartRotation.”

LookSmart’s AdCenter processes more than a billion daily queries for LookSmart’s syndicated network and is used by thousands of advertisers via self-service accounts, dedicated managed services and bid management through advanced API technology. The AdCenter’s targeting and tracking features include geo-targeting, ad scheduling, and conversion tracking and reporting and traffic management features like referrer white- and black-listing and campaign-level feed capping.


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