I can't wait to go swimming / fishing / boating this summer (thanks, BP)

London, Jun 10: British Petroleum (BP) plans to burn some of the oil it collects from the spill at Gulf of Mexico, as they does not have another ship properly equipped to process and store the unrefined oil.

The containment dome collects oil from the gushing underwater well but as the cap nears the capacity, the British global energy company cannot find the means to dispose the oil.

So the company plans to use a mobile drilling vessel, Q4000 to burn some of the oil collected, 5000 feet below the Gulf's surface. Company informed that it has a rig armed with a device which will turn oil into vapor and burn it without creating visible smoke, on Wednesday, Jun 9. The company says that the flames would not endanger other vessels.

"Until we do some other things, this is our only option to basically get rid of some of the oil," said the BP spokesman, Roy Viator. He also said that the company decided to burn the oil as Q4000 does not have the equipment to process or store the oily mixture.

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